Top 6 Travel Packing Tips

/Top 6 Travel Packing Tips

Top 6 Travel Packing Tips

1. Draft a packing list –

Although mainstream, packing lists are essential. It is okay not to follow it to the T and maybe even add a few extra things to your luggage last minute.  A list is only to help you streamline your thoughts so that you don’t have to go around looking for things to take with you in the nth hour. It is always recommended to begin packing weeks ahead of your date of departure to ensure you have enough time not just to complete the list but also to rethink your travel items.

2. Invest in quality packing aids –

Packing aids are a gift from the universe! These compression sacks come in different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements. This item not just saves you from possible space constraints but also saves a lot of time involved in packing. There are some other packing aids as well, such as packing cubes and envelopes.

3. Pick rolling over folding –

The most common mistake most people make while packing their clothes is that they fold their clothes in a large square or rectangular shape. This is not the right way to pack clothing for a trip. Hence, next time, roll the clothes tightly instead of folding as this not only takes up very little space but also prevents your clothing from developing creases.

4. Pack garments that are dual-purpose –

It is recommended to travel light as it is a lot easier to move around a vacation destination with minimal items. Therefore, instead of carrying a variety of clothes, especially if it is a short trip, it’s better to carry a few clothes majorly bottom wear that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, long skirts that can also be used as a maxi dress.

5. Utilize your personal items judiciously –

Most flights allow you to carry one bag on board the flight, and if you’re not traveling by flight, this bag is the bag you’ll be carrying around with you in most of the trip. So make a proper note of the essentials you’ll be carrying in this bag and ensure you do not carry junk items in this bag as this is going to be your go-to bag.  In this bag, you can carry items such as your wallet, your passport, mobile phone and charger, battery bank, and other daily bag essentials you can’t live without.

6. Never check-in your essential items baggage –

If you’re traveling by flight, make it a point not to check-in your essentials list as this can land you in a lot of trouble and panic in case of any misplacement of items or missing luggage. So always ensure to keep the bag that contains all your priority travel essentials with you on the flight.

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